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Buceo Sur Gran Canaria

Buceo Sur is a modern, dynamic legal centre, with a lot of experience in both teaching and leisure.

It is a diving centre specialising in diving courses at all levels in Gran Canaria.

We offer departures from land, boat, baptisms, night, etc..

We offer enviable opening hours and facilities, where we try to make all our clients feel at home. Buceo Sur has modern facilities suitable for teaching and enjoyment of diving: multimedia pedagogical classroom, fast boat, hot showers, BAUER compressors, recent diving equipment, but the most important thing we think is our love for diving, our seriousness and the desire we have to share this passion with you.

Company Information:

  • Yann Debroise - Buceo Sur
  • Y3657764L


  • Calle Roger de Lauría, 80, 35118 Arinaga, Las Palmas. See map

Phone Number:

  • 928 737 417
  • 655 989 917


  • buceosur.gc@gmail.com

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