Curso de surf en el Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Surf´s courses in Tenerife are given by instructors titled by the Spanish Surfing Federation in groups of maximum 8 people, different levels (beginners and intermediates). Our Surf ´s school in Tenerife is located in Puerto de la Cruz, but it is a question of an itinerant school, always we are looking for the best waves of the island and it is what makes us different. We possess vans at our disposal to cross the surf spots of the north and of the south. In Puerto de la Cruz, the transport is included from your hotel or apartment, the bus´s station or another meeting´s point.

Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ver mapa
  • La localización definitiva se informará una vez efectuada la reserva
3 horas aprox.
El horario de las clases es de 8:00 a 12:00
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Qué incluye

  • 3 hours per day (theoretical and practical surf´s classes) in a maximum of 8 people´s groups. They are given by titled instructors of the Spanish Surfing Federation.
  • Surf´s equipment: long neoprene + surfboard
  • Transport´s service to the beach from Puerto de la Cruz (The transport does not count in the time of classes. The beach´s choice depends on the conditions)
  • Civil insurance


  • 1 day: 40€
  • 2 days: 76€
  • 3 days: 114€
  • 4 days: 152€
  • 5 days: 190€
  • + 5 days: 35€/per day

Información adicional

Tenerife Island is the biggest of the seven islands that compose the Canary Islands archipelago. It has a volcanic origin as in the rest of the islands and an extension of approximately 2034 km2.
The orography of the coast allows you to practise surfing in many points different from the island, on funds of sand, on slabs of volcanic rock or on slabs of stone.

The surf in Tenerife admits people of all the levels, from an inexpert surfer up to a professional; its diversity of funds allows you this range of levels. Tenerife offers you some of the best climates of the world with average temperatures between 22º-25ºC and water temperatures between 19º-22ºC. Probably it is one of the best places to have an unforgettable surf´s holidays.

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Acciones medioambientales

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