Whales Watching in Tenerife

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Pantalan, 4, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. See map
Eco Experience: 2 or 3 hours. | Private: 5 hours
Departure 2 hours: 11:00h | Departure 3 hours: 12:30h
Available in: Spanish, English

We offer you the possibility of watching cetaceans in a pioneer way using a hydrophone in order to be able to listen to them. We offer you the possibility to experience an authentic research activity in the marine environment as you also minimize the stress that is produced on each of the species studied.

Children (0-12 y.o.)

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What's included


  • A guided tour by a biologist(maximum 10 persons)
  • Listening and whale watching
  • Drinks (wine and beer included)


  • A guided tour by a biologist(maximum 10 persons)
  • Listening and whale watching
  • Drinks (wine and beer included)
  • Light meal (snacks and some of fruit)
  • Goggles and tube snorkelling
  • Bath with snorkelling
  • Goggles and tube snorkelling
  • Bath with snorkelling


  • A guided tour by a biologist (maximum 10 persons)
  • Listening and whale watching
  • Drinks (white wine, red wine and champagne included)
  • Private and customized tour
  • Catering customized service
  • Bath with snorkelling
  • Goggles and tube snorkelling


Whales Watching Eco Experience (2 hours):

  • Adults: 47,92 €/person
  • Children (0-12 y.o.): 30,88 €/person

Whales Watching Eco Experience (3 hours):

  • Adults: 65,76 €/person
  • Children (0-12 y.o.): 32,88 €/person
  • Private Tour 10 people maximum: 600 € (60 €/person). If you want to book that tour for less people then you need to pay 600 € and make the reservation for 10 people.

Whales Watching Eco Gigantes (5 hours):

  • 120 €/person (Minimum reservation for groups of 10 people: 1200 €).

Aditional information

We are a unique experience. Biologist on board. Accurate and verified information, small number, personalized service, sustainable tourism, environmental awareness, water bath and snacks on board. We are a multidisciplinary team of sea and sea life lovers. We have been training ourselves for several years and experiencing the marine environment to come to understand what attracts us and inspires us the most.

On board the “Papacho 2” you can explore the diversity of turtles, seabirds and cetaceans guided by a trained biologist. Very exclusive! Maximum 10 people on board. The only tour equipped with a hydrophone for the listening of whales.

Take with you the taste of animal behaviour, conservation and maximum comfort with us. Experience nature with your eyes and ears in the maximum comfort in the best place in Europe where you can spot more than 20 different species of cetaceans.

Our tour guide Antonio, graduated in Biology in the University of Santiago de Compostela is a fanatic specialized in animal biology and research experience in the preservation and recovery of natural spaces and animal behaviour. He speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian fluently. His passion and experience in projects of environmental education and being a teacher for more than 9 years makes him an excellent communicator.

This route will be captain by Mirna Piñero that is a superb and qualified captain with great experience as a first officer in the merchant marine. Graduated in the Nautical School she has acquire knowledge in local wildlife and her passion for the conservation makes her indispensable in the project and a plus of good feelings to our visitors.

Everything is done with the maximum respect and especially, it´s an experience that you wont forget.

More Information

The departure will be done on time from Puerto Colón at the time scheduled. We will head to deeper waters where the visitor will receive a brief explanation on the fauna that we can find and what our way of observation will be, the characteristics of the animal behaviour that we find (sea birds, short-finned pilot whales, dolphins, whales…) as well as the coast’s characteristics and ocean currents. The visitor will have the chance to listen to the sounds of the cetaceans and understand more about its communication skills.

For those who select the Eco Experience (3 hours tour), the visit will go on and we will head to the coast again to Puertito de Armeñime, where the visitors can take a swim in a very particular place due to sociocultural characteristics, intertidal zone fauna and the famous sea turtles that reside there. We will have a soft drink and some snacks and when the time comes, we will head back again to Puerto Colón where we will put an end to the journey.


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