Watching whales + Kayak trip through The Giants, Tenerife

We will start at the Marina of The Giants, we will follow the coastline accompanied by our instructors that will guide you and show you some of the special features of this astonishing landscape.

Once we have finished this kayak route, we will have a free hour to have lunch and then we will go to the boat that will take us to watch dolphins and whales in the deep ocean where it will be easier to see them. There is a high probability of watching whales.

Meeting point at a boat: Pantalán 6. The Giants Port. Poblado Marinero Street, 20, 38683 Santiago del Teide, Santa Cruz de Tenerife See Map
4 hours: 2 hours in kayak and 90 minutes in a boat
  • Kayak route: 10:45 h
  • Whales watching: 13:30 h
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With your reservation we donate 5% of our income to reforestation or beach cleaning, you choose it

What does it include?

● Kayak, support, shovel and vest
● Support boat
● 1 drink
● Photo book
● Glasses and tube
● Boat with capacity of 36 people for the watching


Watching whales + Kayak trip through The Giants

  • Non residents 45€.
  • Residents 38€.
Additional Information

Take into account

Parking at The Giants is not an easy task and we have to be on time with our schedule. Please note this when you organize your route. Boat departs from Pantalan 6, at The Giants Marina.

Once the whales watching is over, the boat will take us to the Masca beach jetty.
There are not services within this area, so taking a picnic and water is highly
recommended. The only thing you will need for the kayak route is a swimsuit and sun protection. You can take your glasses with you and we will keep them during the bathing time.
Photos are included in the activity so you don’t need to carry your camera. Snorkel is also included but if you want to use your own equipment, feel free to take it with you.
The rest of your belongings will be on the support boat.
If you want to join us in our water activities, it is essential to know how to swim and being in good health.


Tenerife island is one of the seven islands that make up the Canarian archipielago. It has a volcanic origin and an extension of 2034 km2. It is characterized for its desirable weather and it is well known as the eternal spring island, where you can find the Teide, an inactive volcano in the centre of the island that is 3718 meters, the highest mountain in Spain.

Tenerife holds several national parks and natural reserves such as the National Park of the Taburiente Caldera, the National Park of Garajonay, Natural Parl of the Corona Forestal, The Rural Park of Anaga, Rural Park of Teno, and obviously, the National Park of the Teide, which has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2007 being classified as natural good of general interest. It is an area where you can enjoy hiking, photography tourism or just relax yourself walking around the parks. We ensure you a complete enjoyment for all the senses.

We use two-seater kayaks for beginners. They are easy to use even though you use it for the first time. We also have individual kayaks in case that there is a odd number of people in the group.

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