Tandem Skydive in Empuriabrava, Girona

From: 280,00 

Sector Aeroclub, s/n, 17487 Empuriabrava, Girona. See map
2 hours approximate, between previous instruction, flight in airplane, free fall, glide and landing
From 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Available in: Spanish, English

In your first parachute jump you will be accompanied by a professional instructor with thousands of experience jumps. He will explain the tandem jump and give you some simple instructions. You will fly up to 4,000 meters and, together, you will jump. One minute of free fall until you reach 1,500 meters. At that moment, your instructor will open the parachute. It will be a 5 minute flight over the wonderful landscape of Empuriabrava (Girona) with your tandem parachute, enjoying the breathtaking views of Cap de Creus and the Bay of Roses. And you will land, softly, at the point where your family and friends will be waiting for you.


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Data to make the reservation

Please enter the following information about the participants in the activity: Name, NIF, Date of Birth (max. 74 years), Weight, Height and Sex.

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What's included

  • Flight by plane.
  • Free fall.
  • Parachute flight.
  • Instructor.
  • Accident insurance.


  • Bronze Tandem (Only the jump): 280 €/each.
  • Silver Tandem (Jump+Video or Photos+Skydiving club T-shirt): 399 €/each.
  • Gold Tandem (Jump+Video+Photos+Skydiving club T-shirt): 409 €/each.

Aditional information

Known as the Venice of the Costa Brava, Empuriabrava is a residential coastal town belonging to the municipality of Castelló d’Empuries which is located between the municipalities of Rosas and San Pere Pescador, north of the Costa Brava, in the province of Girona.

It is surrounded by the Natural Park of the Ampurdán Marshes, better known by its Catalan name “Parc dels Aiguamolls de L’Empordà”, and the Golfo de Rosas. This town is also known as the Marina of Empuriabrava. It has 23km of navigable canals, an aeroclub and 5000 moorings, being considered the largest residential Marina in Europe.

*We cannot guarantee that groups of more than 3 people will have a place in the same plane. We always try to make sure that the groups go together, but we can’t guarantee it until the day of the jump.


  • Jumpers must always bring identification.
  • For minors, the authorization of all parents legally tutors of the minor is necessary. For parents who physically come with the minor, we will need you to sign the registration form at the facility and present identification of both you and the minor. For parents who cannot attend the day of the jump, it is essential to submit their handwritten authorization for the minor to make the tandem, along with a photocopy of their identification.* The minimum weight is 35 kg.
  • In case the skydivers are minors, we will ask for signed authorization and copy of ID of the legal guardians (mother-father) and ID of the minor as well.
  • To jump you need a normal physical condition. If you have any doubt about a specific disease or problem, it is best to confirm it with your doctor. Some illnesses require a medical certificate authorizing the jump and some other illnesses do not allow its realization.
  • For people over 65 years of age or over 60 years of age who weigh more than 90kg we need a medical certificate that expressly authorizes it. The age limit for skydiving is 74 years old.
  • If the weight of the tandem passenger exceeds 90 kg dressed is important to tell us at the time of booking. In this case the parachute jump should be made in the central hours of the day (such as 13h, 14h or 15h). If you do not communicate and the passenger cannot jump because the conditions are not appropriate for your weight, you will lose the deposit.
  • It is advisable that the same day, before leaving home call us to know if the weather conditions are adequate to jump. We open at 9.30am and our telephone number is 972 45 01 11.
  • The passenger must wear comfortable clothing. You must ALWAYS bring: long and comfortable pants and sneakers. In summer, it is possible to go in short sleeves, although strapless shirts are avoided. The rest of the year it is necessary to bring an extra sweater to replace the jacket. In winter, it is advisable that the extra sweater is a polar fleece and tight gloves. At other times, an extra sweater more or less thick depending on the season.


  • If the reservation is cancelled before the deadline that allows changes.
  • Deadlines:
    -From 1 to 5 people: 1 week
    -From 6 people: 2 weeks
  • If the activity cannot be carried out due to bad weather conditions or technical reasons.
  • In any other case, no change of date is allowed and the deposit made is lost.
  • This deposit will also be lost if you arrive later than the booked time.
  • If the jump has already been paid in advance, i.e. a gift voucher has been made, the same deposit conditions apply. In this case, the voucher would lose the value of 50€ of the total already paid, and to reactivate for another reservation the lost 50€ would have to be paid.

For group bookings:

  • If there are several tandems reserved for the same name, they will be grouped according to activity and internal organisation, ensuring only that each person will be accompanied by at least one other person from the same group.
  • In case of bad weather or for technical reasons, Skydive Empuriabrava reserves the right to delay or cancel the activity without prior notice.


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