Tandem Skydive in Madrid

From: 255,00 

Km. 62, A-4, 45300 Ocaña, Toledo. See map
2 hours aprox.
From 08:00 am to 07:00 pm
Available in: Spanish, English

The tandem parachuting is a jump in which only with a small phase of previous training, the participant will be ready to perform the jump anchored to the instructor. That’s why it’s the quickest and easiest way to make a jump, since control over it doesn’t depend on the participant, but it’s the instructor, with numerous jumps behind his back, who takes care of everything. All you have to do is get to know the activity and enjoy the free fall.


Booking details

Please add the following information about the participants in the activity: NIF, Date of Birth (max. 74 years old), Weight, Height and Sex

Sold By: Skydive Madrid - EN

What's included

  • Pre-jump training.
  • All the necessary equipment.
  • Flight of about 15 minutes in one of our powerful airplanes.
  • Jump from 4,000 meters.
  • 50 seconds of free fall(approx).
  • Possibility of making a recording or photos of the jump (optional).


  • Tandem Jump 4000m: 255 €/each.
  • Tandem Jump 4000m + HD Video Recording: 345 €/each.
  • Tandem Jump 4000m + Photo-reportage HQ: 345 €/each.
  • Tandem Jump 4000m + HD Video + Photo-reportage HQ: 370 €/each

Aditional information

The day of the activity wears comfortable clothes: shorts and t-shirt if it is hot. Long sleeves, fleece lining, gloves and long trousers in winter. Very tight or stiff clothing may be uncomfortable during ascent on the plane or with the harness. Sports footwear is perfect. Moccasins, shoes without laces or with heels or boots are not recommended.

To fully enjoy the jump, it is very advisable to have slept enough the night before the jump and not be under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances. We recommend having breakfast or eating normally before coming, although not in a copious way.

We ask that you arrive at the centre at the time established in the reservation. If you are going to be late, please let us know. The activity usually lasts a maximum of two hours. Many circumstances can delay or accelerate the time of the activity as meteorology, air restrictions and other mishaps outside the center. Plan your jump as a full day activity.

You should keep in mind that skydiving is an outdoor activity and is therefore subject to weather conditions. Depending on these conditions as well as organizational causes of the jumping area itself the schedule may suffer variations, in some important cases.

A few minutes before boarding, the instructor will equip you with a jumpsuit, harness and glasses. And he will give you the basic instructions on the jump: he will explain you what to do when you leave the plane, during the free fall and landing. This instruction is enough to perform the activity, since the tandem jump does not require further preparation since it is the instructor who takes care of everything. Just follow the 3 basic instructions they have given you and enjoy.

Requirements for the activity

  • Minors accompanied by parents or legal tutor: Minors need permission from their parent or legal tutor accompanied by the identification document of the minor (ID / Passport), as well as the legal tutor.
  • Weigh less than 100Kg: For safety reasons, if you weigh more, you will NOT be able to jump, unfortunately! In some specific cases the instructors can evaluate and decide.
  • Not having consumed alcohol: The day you are going to jump you cannot have consumed alcohol before your jump.


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