Tandem paragliding in Liri, Huesca

From: 125,00 

Calle Ral, 52, 22466 Castejón de Sos, Huesca. View map
Between 45 and 25 minutes, depending on the option you choose
From 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
Available in: Spanish

This tandem paragliding is the easiest and more secure way to get started in paragliding. Our professional instructors will make you enjoy of a calm flight or of a more intense experience if you want. They take advantage of air currents to fly high and make you see the marvelous views of the Aragon Pyrenees. You don’t need any previous knowledge on paragliding and it is an activity for all ages, so come and feel free overflying the mountains. You won’t regret!

Sold By: Tandem Team - EN

What's included

  • Tandem paragliding with matriculate professional instructor.
  • All the required material (like overalls, safety helmet and gloves if necessary)
  • Transport service.
  • Accident insurance.

What should I take?

  • High trekking boots.
  • Long trousers.
  • A sweater or polar lining.
  • Sunglasses and gloves (depending on weather conditions)


  • Normal flight: 125 €/flight.
  • Pro flight: 155 €/flight.

Aditional information

Before the flight we will prepare all the required material and we will explain to you the secure measures and some instructions for the take-off and the landing that you need to know. We will be at the take-off area, where you can see a beautiful landscape with mountains las Posets, Monte Perdido, Cotiella

Once you will have been given the instructions, we will put on the necessary clothing and we will prepare the tandem. After checking that everything is OK, we will prepare the camera, get a run-up and… fly !

Most of our flights start from our highest area, a 1200-meter vertical drop: Liri. This location allows us to enjoy the amazing views of the area for a longer time.

Liri flight: It is a calm flight with sporadic moments of adrenaline. You will appreciate this ride in the clouds overflying the valley ! The flight will last about 25-30 minutes with a 1350-meter vertical drop. 

Pro Liri flight: Maximum adrenaline ! You will enjoy a 45-minute adventure. You may even touch the clouds ! Insured amusement and a wonderful skyline !


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