Sighting cetaceans on Glass-bottom boat in Gran Canaria

From: 31,50 

Puerto Base, justo frente a la barrera de paso, 35130, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. See map
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3 hours | Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 2 hours
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays departures at 10:00h and 13:30h | Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays departures at 10:00h and 12:30h
Available in: Spanish

In this experience you will enjoy the dolphins and whales that roam the seas of Gran Canaria. You will be able to observe their behaviour and how they interact with us. You will also have a panoramic glass floor in which you will see all the cetaceans that pass under the catamaran.

Sold By: Spirit of the Sea - EN

What's included

  • Catamaran with panoramic view of glass on the floor.
  • Underwater hydrophones for listening to cetaceans.
  • Transfer included for the areas from Bahía Feliz to Meloneras and from Mogán to Amadores (remember to request this service when making the reservation, otherwise we will not know that you require it).
  • Professional guides inside the boat.


  • Adults: 31,50 €/person
  • Kids (3-11 y.o.): 20 €/person
  • Infants (0-2 y.o.): Free

Aditional information

The beaches of Gran Canaria, its coastline and marvellous inland landscapes are not the only riches of the island. In our waters we have the privilege of having a great variety of dolphins and whales.

79 species of cetaceans can be found in the seas and oceans of the world and until now 29 of them have been seen in the canaries.

When you think about it that’s one third of the worlds population, and considering some species live exclusively in the polar regions, rivers and very limited areas, we find ourselves in a very privileged area for observing these magnificent creatures.

The Spirit of the Sea moored in the harbour Puerto Base, in Puerto Rico, south-west Gran Canaria’s.


  • If you require a transfer from Bahía Feliz to Meloneras and from Mogán to Amadores you must indicate it in the reserve.
  • If in the sighting you do not see any cetaceans you will be given an invitation ticket to return another day.


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