Sailboat rental in La Manga, Murcia

From: 200,00 

Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre, La Manga, Murcia. See map
From 2 hours to 2 days depending on the option chosen
There are different departures depending on the contracted hours.  See schedules
Available in: Spanish, English

This summer you can relax and enjoy this sailboat with your friends. Spend the day sailing in Mar Menor or Cabo de Palos. Have a quick dip and get a tan before lunch. This sailboat has a capacity of 7 people + captain. It is 11m long.

It has a spacious living room, 3 double beds, 2 sofa-beds, toilet and an excellent deck’s distribution. You can count on all the extras: music devices, shower, hot water, kitchen and oven, refrigerator and a cool-box. 

Outboard auxiliary

Extra people

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What's included

  • Captain.
  • Fuel.
  • Drink and food not included. You might want to bring your own food if you don’t book the catering service.
  • Cleaning service in the end.
  • Two-seater kayak.



  • Outboard dinghy.
  • Extra people:
    • Half day departure: 20 €/person
    • Departure full day: 30 €/person


Low season (October-April)

  • Sailboat rental 4 hours 150€
  • Sailboat rental 6 hours 200€
  • Sailboat rental 8 hours (full day) 250€
  • Sailboat rental sunset + spend the night (anchor dropped) 300€
  • Sailboat rental 2 days 550€

Medium season (May, September and Easter)

  • Sailboat rental 2 hours 150€
  • Sailboat rental 4 hours 200€
  • Sailboat rental 6 hours 250€
  • Sailboat rental 8 hours (full day) 300€
  • Sailboat rental sunset + spend the night (anchor dropped) 400€
  • Sailboat rental 2 days 700€

High season 1 (June)

  • Sailboat rental 2 hours 175€
  • Sailboat rental 4 hours 250€
  • Sailboat rental 6 hours 300€
  • Sailboat rental 8 hours (full day) 350€
  • Sailboat rental sunset + spend the night (anchor dropped) 500€
  • Sailboat rental 24 hours 450 €
  • Sailboat rental 2 days 800€

High season 2 (July and August)

  • Sailboat rental 2 hours 200€
  • Sailboat rental 4 hours 300€
  • Sailboat rental 6 hours 400€
  • Sailboat rental 8 hours (full day) 500€
  • Sailboat rental sunset + spend the night (anchor dropped) 550€
  • Sailboat rental 24 hours 700€
  • Sailboat rental 2 days 1000€

Aditional information

We have many activities to keep the family entertained! Choose the trip your want and get it tailor-made. Our sailboat is also available for a sunset trip rental. This trip is perfect for romantic couples, families or friends.

The trip will start at 07:00 PM to see the sunset, and then you can spend the night in the boat. You will have breakfast in the deck the next day! The trip ends at 10:00h. A great experience!

During the route you will see the local fauna species: seahorses in the Mar Menor, dolphins in the Mediterranean and birds in Isla Grosa and Farallón.

What you need to bring:

  • A lot of sun cream protection.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Raincoat or jacket in case it gets windy or colder.
  • Hat.
  • Flippers and diving mask.


Activity starts at different hours depending on the hours you choose:

  • 2 hours trip: 10:00h to 12:00h | 12:00h to 14:00h | 17:00h to 19:00h
  • 4 hours trip: 10:00h to 14:00h | 17:00h to 21:00h (sunset)
  • 6 hours trip: 10:00h to 16:00h | 15:00h to 21:00h (sunset)
  • 8 hours trip: 12:00h to 20:00h
  • Full day trip + sleeping aboard: 10:00h to 10:00h (next day)
  • Sunset + dinner + night aboard: 19:00h to 11:00h (next day)


Murcia is on the Mediterranean coast. The river Segura makes a way, sculpting unique landscapes. With subtropical Mediterranean weather that provides 300 sunny days a year, the summers are spectacular, and winters, quite soft.

Diversity and variety can be seen from the different cultural traditions to the amazing nature prosperity.


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