Private Cultural tour Isbilya, the islamic heritage of Seville

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Plaza del Salvador. See map
4 hours.
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Discover the origins of the current town planning that still preserves a diverse and wealthy inheritance of the islamic heritage. It was during the Almohad period when Isbilya, the current Seville, became the capital of Al-Andalus. During our walk, we will discover the most important remains of that period: mosques, walls…

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What's included

  • Experienced guide in heritage.
  • Tips
  • Private tours in different languages.


  • Private tour: 190€


Aditional information

In 711 a. C., muslims took up the city of Seville. They will name it as Isbilya. And during 537 years, the city residents lived under the power of the Islam. In this period, it is built Seville’s Old Town as we now know it.

A diverse and wealthy inheritance is preserved  from the islamic period, specially the Almohad period. Isbilya became the biggest city in Al-Andalus. In our walking tour, we will visit the most important remains from this period: mosques, alcaicerías, walls, doors, palaces, fortress, baths, bridges…

Some spots we will visit:

  • Plaza del Salvador
  • Plaza del Pan
  • Catedral
  • Alcázar
  • Torre del Oro


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