Premium Full Safari around Tanzania

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Departure from Arusha. See map
8 days
On request. January to March and June to December.
Available in: English

Our eight-day safari offers the most complete visit in the country. You will visit the four most important parks of the northern circuit of Tanzania. You will see the Great Migration of wildebeest in the Serengeti, the big five in Ngorongoro, herds of elephants in Tarangire and climbing lions in Lake Manyara. You will also enjoy cultural experiences, such as hunting with the Hadza and spend the night in Masai accommodation to experience their culture first-hand.

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What's included

  • 4-5 Star Hotels.
  • All meals on the safari.
  • All park fees and taxes.
  • Camping equipment (tents, mattresses, mattresses, bags, pillows, table and chairs)
  • Flying Doctors rescue insurance for the duration of the tour.
  • Safaris to the national parks.
  • Accommodation in hotel / accommodation / camp during the safari.
  • Private 4 × 4 vehicle with hatch in the roof and sliding windows for a 360 degree view of the surrounding wildlife, first aid kit, charging station and wifi.
  • Water and hot drink (tea and coffee). Each safari comes with a box with coffee and tea that can be enjoyed at any time during the safari.
  • Binoculars. 1 pair for each car.
  • Professional safari guide.
  • Wildlife tours according to your itinerary preferences.

Not included:

  • Any tourist excursion and optional activities that are not specified.
  • Entry visas.
  • International flights.
  • Laundry.
  • Travel insurance.


  • 1 person: 7125,48 €/each
  • 2 people: 4636,32 €/each
  • 3 people: 4194,91 €/each
  • 4 people: 3974,75 €/each
  • 5 people: 3842,22 €/each
  • 6 people: 3753,51 €/each

Aditional information

FIRST DAY – Arusha – Lake Manyara National Park

You will leave Arusha after breakfast for a trip of approximately two hours to the National Park of Lake Manyara. On the way you will pass through the bustling Maasai villages and the wide and open plains that have become examples of African images.

The park is really a playground for photographers. You can see many of Africa’s best-known animals, with climbing lions, a special treat. These proud predators rest on the acacia trees, practically begging to be photographed.

Birdwatchers will find that Lake Manyara is an absolute delight, with a great variety of birds on display in the park. Even the beginner will be surprised by the large flocks of flamingos, the birds of prey in a circle and flocks of colorful birds above your head.

Finally you will return to your accommodation for dinner and rest until the next day.

SECOND DAY – Manyara Lake National Park – Serengeti National Park

You will have breakfast early, since a great day of exploration and adventure awaits you!

The day will start with a spectacular journey towards the Serengeti; On the way you will see the rainforest of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where, if you are lucky, you will see cape buffalo, baboons, and even elephants and leopards, hiding in the dense undergrowth.

They are approximately 4 hours on the way to the gates of the Serengeti National Park, although you can deviate to do one of the following optional activities:

Olduvai Gorge Museum: also known as the Cradle of Humanity, the Olduvai Gorge Museum houses some of the first human remains. Visit this museum and learn more about the evolution of humanity.

Visit Maasai: visit an authentic Maasai village, where you can see and be part of a traditional Masai dance, and even take some souvenirs from the local market.

Both activities involve an additional cost. Consult your guide to include them in your itinerary.

After a delicious meal in the Serengeti National Park, it’s time to start exploring and discovering the wild landscape of the iconic African savanna. You will be surprised how many animals you will find.

Dinner and night in the center of the National Park, as agreed and the type of accommodation selected among our options.

THIRD DAY – Serengeti National Park

You will leave before dawn. When the sun sets fire to the savanna, you will have the opportunity to see the predators in action, taking advantage of the low light and cold temperatures to look for their breakfast.

There is also the possibility of going to heaven on a safari with a hot air balloon and breakfast in the clouds. Consult your guide to add this unique experience to your adventure.

After an unforgettable morning, you will return to your accommodation for a lunch and you can refresh yourself before resuming the activity and having a picnic. Your driver will take you through the best routes, according to the animals you want to see and the time of year.

FOURTH DAY – Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro Conservation Area

After breakfast, you will set off towards the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You will have the opportunity to see many animals in droves: wildebeest and zebra, giraffe elephants, antelopes and gazelles, the powerful African elephant, and the most respected group of all: predators. You will discover leopards, hyenas, and finally, the king of the jungle: the lion.

Dinner and overnight in the Ngorongoro crater or near Karatu, as agreed and the type of accommodation selected among our options.

FIFTH DAY – Ngorongoro Crater – Lake Eyasi

After breakfast, you will leave for the Ngorongoro crater, considered the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Home to more than 120 species of mammals, including the legendary five large ones, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of the safest safaris in the world. A particularly good place to see black rhinos, in danger of extinction, or numerous hippos enjoying cold water. From the comfort of your convertible vehicle, you can observe and photograph the most recognizable faces of Africa: lions, leopards, jackals, hyenas, wildebeest, zebras, buffalos, antelopes …

After the excitement of the day, you will have lunch in the park. Later, you will start the trip to Lake Eyasi to spend the night there.

SIXTH DAY – Lake Eyasi – Tarangire National Park

You will wake up before breakfast to find your own food with the Hadzas! The Hadzas maintain their way of life from the past, despite the rapid development of Tanzania; With only 2,000 members, this African tribe is a window into the past.

The local hunters will make a demonstration of hunting techniques for you, which will reveal many secrets and aspects of your daily life.

After a late breakfast, you will have the opportunity to walk around Lake Eyasi; This shallow lake hosts different species of wildlife, and you can discover a wide variety of birds and mammals.

You can also meet the Datoga, who are mostly farmers and ranchers, also an adventure towards tribal life in Tanzania.

Once you have finished with your activities, you will head towards Karatu or Tarangire to spend the night there.

SEVENTH DAY – Tarangire National Park

Once you have entered Tarangire, you will begin a journey through a rich view of the endless golden savanna that surrounds the Tarangire River. The river itself flows throughout the year and is a vital source of water for the animals of the region during the dry season. The river, lined with acacias and baobabs, is visited regularly by the large elephant population of the park, as well as by other herbivores such as zebras and antelopes.

A picnic overlooking the river is a good way to assimilate everything, but you’ll have to stay alert as the local population of monkeys goes out of their way to separate you from your lunch.

Driving through the park you will also have the opportunity to see lions, leopards, buffalo and a large variety of antelopes. If you are very lucky, you may see animals in danger of extinction such as the Great Kudu or the striped-eared Oryx.

At the end of the day you will return to your accommodation to rest.

EIGHTH DAY – Tarangire National Park – Masai Accommodation

At the end of the breakfast, you will head towards a real Masai retreat, on the outskirts of Arusha, led by the local Maasai; this luxury accommodation is a mix of western comforts and traditional masai architecture.

You will spend the afternoon doing typical Masai activities, learning about natural remedies and traditional medicines, throwing spears, practicing handicrafts, and much more. You will have the opportunity to experience a normal day among the famous Masai, inhabitants of Tanzania and Kenya.

Also, on this day, you will enjoy:

Its traditional food, characterized by its abundance in meat and vegetables.

A walk through nature in the Maasai territory to learn natural remedies.

A javelin throwing demonstration

A ceremony of songs and dances at sunset.

Finally, you will spend the night in your own Masai cabin. Feel the fresh air of the night, take a shower and sleep to the sound of nocturnal birds. The retreat is close to the Arusha airport and the city of Arusha itself.


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