Plastic pick-up at Barcelona’s Beach

Chiringuito natura. See map
3 hours
Starts at 10:30 AM

Help us take care of the sea and the beaches of Barcelona!

Today some 300 million tons of plastic are produced per year, of which 8 end up at the bottom of the seas and oceans.

Contribute your bit and sign up for this plastic collection event and meet other people who are concerned about our beaches and oceans. We will take care of the environment by having a great day. Confirm your attendance already, places are limited.



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What's included

  • Protection equipment
  • Equipment needed for the clean up
  • Awareness talk and data about the current situation



Aditional information

Due to the currents of the area that deposit enormous amounts of garbage, the beach of Palos in La Garita needs you. That is why we have decided to organize the collective #trashtag to clean up this beach. The activity will consist of collecting the maximum possible waste for 1h30 and then proceeding to its separation by materials (plastic, paper and glass).

This activity is for the whole family, so that big and small, we help raise awareness of the importance of recycling and the importance of reducing the use of plastics. Each piece of garbage that is removed to be recycled or deposited in a container means that there is less waste in the marine habitat.

Join us and have a different Saturday helping our planet. We will be waiting for you!



What is Xmigrations? 

Xmigrations is a marketplace of activities and accommodations in nature, through surfing, snow, wind, diving or just relaxing in a natural environment, we connect with nature, without having to bring our urban customs to natural places.

We mediate between local companies, and the final customer. We innovate with respect to ecosystems. We contacted local associations, and we introduced them to our base of associations that received the ecological % chosen by the client: We donated 5% of our profits from each booking to local ecological NGOs.

In this way part of the benefit generated by tourism reverts to the visited environment and local economy. Other companies donate their benefits, but Xmigrations goes further and will donate a part of their income, whether it has benefits or not. We donate monthly or annually (when the amounts are significant for NGOs). Because visiting a natural place usually means degrading it due to transportation, generated waste, exploitation of resources, etc.


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