Paragliding Introductory Course in Huesca

From: 225,00 

Calle Ral, 52, 22466 Castejón de Sos, Huesca. View map
6 lective hours and 1 didactic tandem flight. 1-day course.
From 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
Available in: Spanish

This introductory course is the ideal option for those interested in learning some basic knowledge on paragliding. During this course, not only will you learn how to use a paraglider, but also enjoy a funny experience with a beautiful skyline of the Aragon Pyrenees. You don’t need any previous experience, so come and have a good time!

Sold By: Tandem Team - EN

What's included

  • Full equipment.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • Transport service.
  • 3 learners maximum per instructor.
  • Video report to reinforce learning.
  • Theory book “Parapente iniciación” (“Initiation to Paragliding”)
  • Flight control book.
  • Free flight TandemTeam club membership.
  • APPI 1 discover certification, equivalent to F.A.I parapro 1 (5-day course)

You should bring…

  • High trekking boots.
  • Long sleeve tee.


  • Introductory Course: 225 €/person

Aditional information

During theory lessons, you will learn some basic knowledge on aerodynamics, aerology, meteorology and how to use the radio communication as well as how to take-off, fly, approximate and landing. 

Regarding inflation and control, be it in a flat land or with a slight slope, you will learn the different parts of the glider and how to inflate it.

Concerning the take-off and landing processes, you will be at a slope of 12 meters vertical drop. You will launch the paraglider by running off the moderate slope with the glider inflated, until it lifts you off your feet.

Once you will have learnt how to take-off and landing, you will perform longer flights and the vertical drop may be from 300 to 1300m, practicing the approximation to the landing area. There will be an instructor in charge of the take-off and the flight, and another one in charge of the landing at the landing area. 

Video reports of the flights will be used as assessment for possible future rectifications in take-off, flight, approximation and landing processes.

* Please, contact us before coming to our school. Weather conditions or other external issue may condition the development of the activity, changing the date or even canceling it. 


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