Paragliding in El Teide, Tenerife.

From: 100,00 

To be arranged with the guides. View map
40 min aprox.
To be arranged with the guides depending on weather conditions.
Available in: Spanish, English

Perfect flight for beginners! No experience is required as you will be accompanied by our professional instructor during the flight. Easy, safe and suitable for anyone. Enjoy not only the feeling of flying but also the views that the island and the mountain of El Teide offers. Take a leap of faith and experience paragliding in El Teide, Tenerife.

Sold By: El Cardumen Buceo - EN

What's included

Paragliding flight

  • Short theory class
  • All equipment necessary
  • Photo session

Paragliding flight + Video session

  • Short theory class
  • All equipment necessary
  • DVD with video and photos of the experience customized and editid


  • Paragliding flight: 100 €/person.

Aditional information

The island of Tenerife, is the biggest of the 7 islands that forms the Canary archipelago. Its volcanic origin, as the rest of the islands, has a total area of 2034 km2. It has an enviable climate has its known as the island of eternal spring. In the centre of the island, it rises the dormant volcano of El Teide, with 3718m is the highest peak in Spain.

Flying spots:

  • Izaña (2200mts)
  • La Corona (850mts)
  • Taucho (700mts)
  • Mesa del Mar (200mts)
  • Punta Hidalgo (5mts)
  • entre otros…

* 40- and 60-minutes flights depending on flying spots and weather conditions. Suitable for all, including aged people and children, as long as they are in the  weight range required (110kg – 40kg).


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