Paddle surf tour in San Juan de los Terreros, Almería

Calle Jacinto Benavente, 220D, 04648 San Juan de los Terreros, Almería.  See map
From 2 to 3 hours
Everyday from 09:30 AM to 09:30 PM

Depending on weather and sea conditions, there are two itineraries available.

The first route is the easiest one, one of the most beautiful and recommended. In this route, you will discover and enjoy all the little beaches in the area.

The second route is also easy, and it finishes at the island of San Juan de los Terreros.

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Qué incluye

  • All material required
  • Transport to the beach
  • Civil liability and accident insurances
  • Certified and specialized instructors
  • Small groups


  • 20 €/each

Información adicional

Over the past years, the beaches in San Juan de Los Terreros have experienced a touristic and real estate boom. It has become the main area for summer holidays.

The coast is formed by small bays. The sea is mostly calmed. This is why paddle surf here is perfect!

In front of the coast, there are two volcanic small islands that form the Natural Monument of Isla de Terreros and Isla Negra.

The main monument is the Castle of San Juan de los Terreros, built in 1764. From the castle, you can see part of the Almerian and Murcian coasts!



  • From 09:30 h to 11:30 h
  • From 11:00 h to 13:30 h


  • From 18:30 h to 20:30 h
  • From 19:30 h to 21:30 h


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