Koalas rescue and care support in the Australian fires

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Assistance during the fires that devastate the area

Contribute your part to help the volunteers and entities that are dedicated to the rescue and care of Australian wildlife during the devastating fires that are ravaging this area. Their mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same.


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Aditional information

According to official international sources, Australia broke the record for the hottest day since records were set for the second day in a row, with a national average of 41.9 degrees, even reaching 49.8 degrees in the town of Eucla, in the south of the country. The rise in temperatures is a sign of the consequences of climate change in Australia, where fires, common in summer, began early and very intense this year.

These large temperature rises and lack of rainfall have been the breeding ground for the proliferation of horrific and relentless fires that continue to decimate New South Wales during one of the worst droughts in its history. During the catastrophic fires, lives have been lost, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, over 4.9 million hectares of land have been destroyed and dozens of fires continue to burn.

Large areas of New South Wales and South East Queensland have been experiencing severe drought-related famine and fox dehydration, which, combined with the heat stress emergency events of recent weeks, has already led to the loss of thousands of animal lives. With species such as koalas and grey-headed foxes already listed as vulnerable to extinction, the additional loss of life caused by emergencies such as fires and drought is even more devastating.

Kangaroo Island, which is home to many native species, including koalas, whose population is estimated at 50,000, has been one of the most affected by this situation. Rescue services in the area claim that at least half of the koala population in Australia has died as a result of the fires that have spread. According to scientists, the catastrophic fires that have been raging in the south-east of the country for the past four months have killed hundreds of thousands of native animals in the state of New South Wales alone.

It is impossible to estimate the number of native animals that have perished or how many more will be lost in the fires, or to predict the impact that severe food and water shortages, as well as habitat loss caused by fires and drought, will have on wild populations.

We need urgent assistance to help with these unprecedented emergencies. To help rescue wildlife, please give generously at this time.


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