Kitesurf initiation course in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

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35660 la Oliva (Fuerteventura), Las Palmas. Ver mapa
From 1 to 5 days
Start: Tue, Thu and Sun at 11:00h. Progression: Every day at 11:00h.
Available in: Spanish, English

During this course for beginners, you will first delve into the basic concepts such as an explanation of the wind window and safety systems among other concepts, then move directly to the practice of this attractive sport on the beach and the sea. During the course you will always be under the supervision of authentic professionals, with whom you will learn how to handle the board.

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What's included

  • All the necessary material to carry out the course.
  • Theoretical and practical classes.
  • Professional and specialized instructors.
  • Boat assistance at all times.


  • Course 1 day (4h): 130 €/each
  • Course 2 days: (7h): 230 €/each
  • Course 3 days: (10h): 310 €/each
  • Course 4 days (13h): 390 €/each
  • Course 5 days (16h): 460 €/each

Aditional information

Day 1

1 hour of theoretical class:

  • Introduction to kites.
  • Window of the wind.
  • Prudence.
  • Tides and time.
  • Look at different types and sizes of kites and blackboards.

3 h of class on the beach + 3 h of personal improvement (free)

  • Assembly (inflation, connection lines, harness and operation).
  • Launch (off the beach).
  • Landing (on the beach).
  • Basic flight, 8s figures, one hand.
  • Flight, relaunch.
  • Explanation of wind window and safety systems.

Day 2

During the second day, learning takes place in open water with the assistance of the boat at all times. This teaching method allows the student to practice safely, without obstacles and with the need to go with the wind along the beach.

The water lesson is divided into two parts:

The first part in the water is to learn to drag the body using the kite. That means putting all the maneuvers you were taught the day before to practice and use the kite to go through the water with the wind and against the wind and relaunch the kite from the water.

First, each exercise is demonstrated by the instructor, who will then pass the kite to you to repeat the exercises. Then you will practice on your own and learn to feel comfortable. Your second session in the water will be spent with the board practicing standing and sailing. As before in the first part you are going to observe the instructor while he shows you the techniques, then you are going to change so that you practice with the board, until you are ready to practice and improve on your own.

Additional Course Days:

On the additional days of the basic kitesurfing course you will go directly on the water and directly on the board. We focus on teaching what is necessary to reach an independent level of navigation. The sessions on these days are also divided into two parts, just like on the second day of the beginner’s course, but on both occasions you practice sailing with the board.

To really master kitesurfing it is always best to practice for as long as possible. If you are committed to learning this wonderful sport, it is a good idea to sign up for the 5-day course.

*This course is designed for small groups:

  • Classes on the beach: 4 students per instructor.
  • Water Lesson: 2 students per instructor.


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