Kitesurf course in Tarifa, Cádiz

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Pol. Ind. La Vega, C/ La Línea de la Concepción, 204, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain. See map
The duration is variable depending on the course option chosen.
From 10:00h to 19:00h
Available in: Spanish, English

With our Kitesurfing Course in Tarifa, you can enjoy this sport to the fullest. You can choose between several courses according to your preferences and with a level adapted to you. Without a doubt the best option for you to start in this sport or to perfect your technique in the kite.

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What's included

  • All the necessary material and the latest generation of the prestigious brand Eleveight KitesTabla.
  • Level 2 Instructor, International Kiteboarding Organization.
  • Accident and Liability Insurance.


  • Group course for 2 days (6 hours): 140 €/person
  • Group course for 3 days (9 hours): 195 €/person
  • Group course for 4 days (12 hours): 260 €/person
  • Semi-private course (1 hour): 40 €/person
  • Private course (1 hour): 55  €/person

Aditional information

At the southern end of the peninsula, bathed to the east by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, we find a city in Cadiz that defies the wind. This element turns the beaches of Tarifa into a surfer’s paradise. In addition to crystal-clear water and white sand, here we can find the perfect air currents to discover exciting sports such as kitesurfing and all varieties of water sports of board and sail.

First, we offer a group course. Groups will go from 2 to 4 people. You will share the kite with your course partner. The instructor will always be with you, so there won’t be a problem! You will learn how to do everything! This way you’ll become fully independent when practising kitesurf.

Second, we offer a semi-private course. If you come with a partner and you want the kite for you only, this is your course! 1 instructor, 2 kites, 2 students. This way you will assure your training, don’t let anything stop you in your kitesurf evolution. Your instructor will be with you and your partner only.

Third, we offer a private course. It’s actually the most efficient way to learn. 1 instructor, 1 kite and you. Everything will be at your disposal so you learn 100%.  


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