Kitesurf course in El Médano, Tenerife

From: 75,00 

Calle, Paseo Ntra. Sra. de las Mercedes de Roja, 42, 38612 El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. See map
  • 1 hour | 3 hours | 6 hours | 9 hours | 12 hours
  • 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM | 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM in August
Available in: Spanish, English

This exceptional sport consists of sliding over the water with a board and a kite. This allows you to surf and jump the waves. The first courses are a basic introduction to kitesurfing; later, you will experience the water, supervised by an instructor.

Sold By: Tenerife Windsurf Solution - EN

What's included

  • Official instructor.
  • All material required (board, kite, harness, wetsuit, life vest, helmet).
  • Insurance.


Starter Private Course

  • 2 hours: 120 €/person
  • 4 hours: 220 €/person
  • 6 hours: 300 €/person
  • 10 hours: 460 €/person

Improver Private Course

  • 1 hour: 75 €/person
  • 2 hours: 135 €/person
  • 4 hours: 235 €/person
  • 6 hours: 330 €/person

Group Course Starter (2 person min.)

  • 3 hours: 100 €/person
  • 6 hours: 180 €/person
  • 9 hours: 270 €/person
  • 12 hours: 340 €/person

*The courses of more than three hours will be carried out in different sessions.

Aditional information

Tenerife island is one of the seven islands that make up the Canarian archipelago. Its origin is volcanic and it has an extension of 2034 km2. It is characterized for its desirable weather and it is well known as the eternal spring island, where you can find the Teide, an inactive volcano in the centre of the island that is 3718 meters high. It’s the highest summit in Spain. Services of any kind can’t be found at Masca beach, so you must bring your own picnic and water.

Many national parks can be found in Tenerife, such as Caldera de Taburiente, Garajonay, Corona Forestal, Anaga Rural Park and Teno Rural Park. But the honourable mention goes to Teide National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. Here you can do hiking, photography tourism, or simply walk around nature. Its diversity will move you.

More about the activity

Our team is formed by professional instructors, certified by the Spanish Sailing Federation and the International Kiteboarding Organization.

You will learn the theory about the winds, the sea and the safety proceedings.


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