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Thinking about making a gift to that special person? Xmigrations Gift Card is your best choice. Give away the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. Obtain your card and enter the world of experiences, tours, courses, rentals and all kind of activities in nature and city ready for adventure and enjoyment.


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What's included

  • Exchangeable Gift vouchers in all our available activities offered in Xmigrations.com excluding accommodations.
  • No expiration date.
  • Valid for all locations, national and international.


Gift Card Prices:

  • 50 €
  • 100 €
  • 150 €
  • 200 €
  • 500 €
  • 1.000 €

Aditional information

  • Xmigrations is a marketplace of activities and accommodations in natural environment. We are focused in sports carried out in snow, wind, water and air. We connect with nature, trying to avoid bringing urban customs to natural landscapes.
  • We mediate between local companies and end customer. Our innovation is to undertake eco-reserves. This means, we contact local associations, and introduce them into our base of associations receivers with the green % chosen by the client. We donate 5% of our profits from each reservation to local environmental NGOs.
  • This way, part of the benefits generated reverts to the visited environment and local economy. Other companies donate from their benefits, buy Xmigrations go further than that as we donate from our income, whether they have profits or not. Our donations are semi-annually or annually (when the amount is significant for the NGOs)
  • We are aware that tourism leads to the degradation of the environment, due to transports, waste generated, exploitation of natural resources and a long etc.
  • With Xmigrations, we introduce environmental associations into the classic relationship: Tourism-Business. As intermediaries, we feel responsible of this relationship and innovate by introducing local NGOs, as they know in first-hand the environmental problems of the area, and the tools and knowledge necessary to act in consideration.
  • By booking in Xmigration you will donate 5% of the income received from your reservation to local environmental NGOs. When completing your reservation, you will choose the environmental action you want to support.
  • In addition, we will publish information of each environmental NGOs and their activities undertaken.


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