Gastronomic tour in Granada

We will show you the city through its magnificent food and wines. Many traditional places adored by locals will be part of our journey and we will show you the Mediterranean gastronomic culture, and its famous tapas.

Bib-Rambla Square (next to the Fountain). See map
2 hours and 30 minutes
From Thursday to Saturday at 20:00 h
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What does it include?

Specialized guide


Adults: 45 €/each

Additional Information

Tapas are appetizers well-known and really asked for by locals in every bar. It is really common to go out and have lunch or dinner with only tapas. They might be different. But one thing is compulsory, you won’t have a drink without tapas.

We have carefully choose 3 bars to offer you the best quality. Charming places and a high quality cuisine. Our guide will explain you the different tapas you will taste

You will taste the mixture of the ancient flavours of muslim and christian culture together in different meals.

Because we know that the realness of a trip is getting to know the culture of that new city. What can be more Spanish than tapas?

Ruta gastronómica por Granada 1-min