Diving course Open Water in Arinaga, Gran Canaria

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Calle Roger de Lauría, 35118, Arinaga, Las Palmas, Spain. See map
4 days
  • From 09:00h to 18:00h (from Tuesday to Friday)
  • From 09:00 h to 17:00h (Saturdays)
  • From 09:00 h to 15:00h (Sundays)
Available in: Spanish, English

This course will teach you the basis about diving. Besides, it will show you how to dive with an autonomous equipment with anyone with a certificate equivalent to O.W.D. Maximum depth: 18m. The course consists of a theoretical part, of 5 lessons where you will learn the basis about diving. Things such as: aquatic environment, equipment, entertainment dive planning and aquatic adaptation. And many more!

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What's included

  • Civil liability insurance
  • Full diving equipment
  • Boat transport until the diving spot
  • 5 theoretical lessons and 2 dives
  • Official certificate
  • Scuba diving health certificate required

Minimum age: 12


  • 380 €/each (maximum 4 people per group).

Aditional information

Arinaga is a seaside town in the Agüimes district, in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. It used to be the main lime provider for the island and an important fishing area; then it became an industrial site. Its water’s quality and depths make Arinaga an amazing place to explore, walk or scuba dive.
This seaside town it’s located in the southeast of Gran Canaria. Beaches are in the south of the island and in the north an area of rocks can be found. It’s highest height is Arinaga’s Mountain, of 199m. The Mountain was declared a natural monument. There is also a marine reserve’s proyect in the north part. Its bio-climate it’s part of the Mediterranean macrobio-climate.

More about the activity

The practical part will develop in 2 dives in confined water and 4 more in the sea.

Here you will learn and develop all the basic diving skills. Our groups are small: maximum 4 students per instructor. This way, the learning-teaching system is easy, safe and fun.
To sum up, we remind you that insurance is included. Scuba diving health certificate is required. The minimum age is 12. You will get an official certificate.


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