Cultural tour Terezin, Prague

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Corner of Old Town Square on Pařížská Street. See map
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It’s one of our most popular Prague tours. Our guides lead you across the Charles Bridge and over onto the beautiful and historic grounds of Mala Strana to one of Europe’s largest Castles. We’ll also visit Terzin – the concentration camp used by the Nazi propaganda machine during WWII. We’ll stop off for some epic views of Prague.

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Aditional information

Less than an hour from Prague sits Terezín, the fortress used as a concentration camp by the Nazi propagandists in an attempt to prove to the world that the rumors of the Holocaust and its extermination of minorities were only that – rumors.

The European Jewish political and cultural elite – the musicians, composers, educators, architects, doctors, heroes of WWI… were deported to serve the SS propaganda machine. It held primarily Jews from Czechoslovakia, as well as tens of thousands of Jews deported chiefly from Germany and Austria, as well as hundreds from the Netherlands and Denmark.In total, more than 150,000 Jews – including over 15,000 children, were sent to Terezín to live while they waited to be sent to extermination camps such as Auschwitz. Over 35,000 perished while in Terezín and approximately 90,000 people were sent to German death camps. At the end of World War II, there were 17,000 survivors.

Originally constructed in 1780, Terezín was meant to secure the bridges across the Ohře and Elbe Rivers against Prussian troops invading the Bohemian lands from neighboring Saxony. The profound spirit of the survivors who never gave up, despite insurmountable odds, still permeates the city.

Today, Terezín is a living town. Our Terezín tour will introduce you to people of the town while we educate you as we visit today with historical sites, cemeteries, expositions, and museums.


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