Cultural tour to the Red Light District, Amsterdam

Obviously our tour to the Red Light District starts at the sunset, when the coffee shops start getting crowded with tourists. They do not always know what to expect; the most accurate expectation is erotic spots that turn on the lights of the city.

Dam Square. See map
2 hours
Everyday at 18:00 h
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Few are the Quarters that all over the world generate more morbid curiosity than the Red Light District. Who has never heard of those windows? We’ll learn about the oldest profession and its relationship with this city. We’ll time travel to ancient times until we deeply comprehend its current situation in one of the most tolerant countries of the globe, from its regulation, how does it work and its unclear future.

Furthermore, we’ll see the flip side of this superfluous world of legal prostitution. It is the dignity they show to their profession through the multiple current associations.

Ruta cultural Barrio Rojo Amsterdam