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Cultural tour to Potsdam, Germany

This tour to Potsdam will allow us to enjoy the natural environment, because it is the dutch and baroque quarter, palaces, forests, gardens and lakes make it the capital of the one of the most beautiful regions of Germany.

Main door of the U-Bahn y S-Bahn Zoologischer Garten station. See map
6 hours
Wednesdays and Sundays at 10:00 h
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Additional Information

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the great unknown of Europe. The Fall of the Wall is historically recent in history and Berlin is still recovering from the Cold War trying to heal the scars that the Wall and the division of the city left for 28 years.

Since the 90’s, Belin is growing and bring people from all over the world, but it was from 2006 when the city started to be attractive for tourists. It is a city in constant change where you can feel the history in its streets. Berlin has multiple attractions that make it the 3rd city most visited in Europe: with more than 150 museums and 500 art galeries; its dark past…

Surroundings of Berlin also offer multiple things to do: Postdam, the imperial city also known as the Versalles of Germany. Also Sachsenhausen Memorial, an old concentration camps located 30 km away from the capital. Or the beautiful city Dresde, known as the Florence of Elba, 3oo km away from Berlin.

More about the activity

The year of the German reunification, 1990, meant a lot for Potsdam. It became Humanity Heritage by the UNESCO. Its history, as hectic as Berlin’s, started before but took it way longer to win the importance that it finally ad during the 18th century.
After all the years of pain after the Second World War, Potsdam was the chosen city to celebrate during the summer of 1945 the famous conference that established the lines of the after war world.
It was from that moment when the city became part of the history of the 20th century, and it became one of the main witnesses of the Cold War.

Additional information about public transport
It will be needed an AB ticket for a day (7,70 € Tageskarte)