Cultural tour after Murillo’s steps, Seville

Discover how the 17th century in Seville looked like thanks to the paintings and biography of the painter. We will visit the places where he pictured his personal view of the city. Furthermore, with the explanations of our guide, we will understand the reasons of the systematic plunder of his art during the napoleonic invasion. This plunder disseminate his paintings and left them spread in the main private collections and museums from all over the world.

Santa María Magdalena Church. See map
2 hours and 30 minutes
Private tours upon request
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What does it include?
  • Experienced guide in heritage
  • Tips
  • Private tours in different languages
  • Group of 1-10 people/80 €
  • Group of 11-15 people/100 €
  • Group of 16-20 people/125 €
  • Group of 21-25 people/150 €
  • Group of 26-30 people/175 €
  • Group of 31-35 people/200 €
  • Group of 36-40 people/225 €
  • Group of 41-50 people/250 €
  • Group of more than 50 people/300 €
  •  Tour in other languages: +30 €
Additional Information

In our tour, we will reveal the main locations of the painter’s life: where he was christened, or where he died. We will make special emphasis in analysing his art, the main assignments that he received in Seville, his evolution in the art of painting from his training period until his last assignments.

Our tour represents a trip to the Baroque Seville, to the environments where he lived and to the Golden Century. We will go to Santa María Magdalena church and its quarter where we will find the most famous monuments of the city.

ruta cultural tras los pasos de muril