Cultural tour Hereditas Hispalenses, Seville

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Plaza de Jerez. See map
2 hours.
Private tours upon request.
Available in: Spanish, English

In this cultural tour, we will cover a route through Seville streets learning more about all the Roman archaeological remains in the current urban framework. We will travel in time to go back to Ancient times discovering the city limits or the main buildings and spots of the “Colonia Iulia Romula Hispalis”.

Tour in other languages (non-spanish)

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What's included

  • Experienced guide in heritage.
  • Tips.
  • Private tours in different languages.


  • 1-10 people: 96,80 €
  • 11-15 people: 121 €
  • 16-20 people: 151,25 €
  • 21-25 persons: 181,50 €
  • 26-30 people: 211,75 €
  • 31-35 people: 242 €
  • 36-40 people: 272,25 €
  • 41-50 people: 302,50 €
  • +50 people: 363 €

*It is possible to do the route in a language other than Spanish with an extra cost of 36,30 €.

Aditional information

In our tour, you will discover how the city looked like 2000 years ago through the remaining Roman archaeological rests of the ancient Hispalis, Roman name for Seville. It was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire.

It had such influence in the Roman Empire because of its location and its commercial activity, leaving an enormous archaeological heritage currently unknown.

Discover this enthralling and unexplored historical period of the city.

Some of the spots we will visit:

  • Puerta de Jerez
  • Plaza Virgen de los Reyes
  • Calle Mármoles
  • Plaza de la Alfalfa
  • Plaza de la Encarnación


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