Columbretes islands and snorkel tour, Castellon

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Las Fuentes de Alcossebre Marina. View map
10 hours
Departures at 07:45AM
Available in: Spanish

We will give you the chance to know about Columbretes islands. It is a Nature Reserve of volcanic origin. Groupers, sea breams, morays, barracudas, lobsters, red corals, etc. Mediterranean seaworld in its purest state.

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What's included

  • Boat transportation.
  • Drinks.


  • Boat Tour: 110 €/person

*Possibility to rent the snorkeling equipment: 6 €/person

Aditional information

30 miles away from Castellon’s dock, Columbretes islands are one of the richest treasures of our Mediterranean coast. The islands are a natural reserve and a natural park. The most outstanding features is the abundant sea life and the transparency of the water.
The archipelago is formed by four volcanic islands floating over 80 m deep. Hurdles, craters and volcanic chimneys can be found.
The flora, fauna and geomorphology has been absolutely sculpted by the sea.
In the biggest island, known as ‘Columbrete Grande’ (Big Columbrete) or ‘L’illa Grossa’, is located the highest spot in the archipelago (67m high), where the lighthouse of the islands was funded. Carallot, 32 m high, represents the remains of a volcano’s central chimney


  • Meeting point: Royal Water Club at 07:30h.
  • Starts at 08:00h
  • 2-hour sailing.Arrival at 10:30h at Isla Grossa.
  • Visit turn request.
  • After the route, you can have a bath and do snorkeling in Tofiño’s port (Isla Grossa’s Bay).
  • Around 13:00h you will sail for 20 minutes headed to Islote La Horadada.
  • Bath in open waters and snorkeling.
  • At 14:00h lunch will be served.
  • Return at 15:30h, arrival at the port at 18:00h.


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