Bungee Jumping in Rascafría, Madrid

From: 25,00 

Carretera Rascafria - Lozoya, Camping Monte Holaday, 28739 Gargantilla del Lozoya. View map
1 hour
Sundays: from 10:00h
Available in: Spanish, English

Wonderful activity combining beautiful scenery with a key element; the 3-axis rule. This rule provides maximum perception in the jump, greater perception, greater feeling. This experience combines self-improvement with maximum adrenaline. Although considered a risky sport, the truth is, is one of the safest outdoor sports. Bungee Jumping in Rascafría, Madrid, we dare you to try!

Sold By: Asdon Aventura-EN

What's included

  • 2 waist harnesses
  • 1 chest harness
  • Helmet (optional)
  • 3 10mm ropes
  • All equipment necessary  and its installation
  • Previous training
  • Supervision by a professional guide
  • Liability civil and accident insurance

What to bring?

  • Comfortable shoes or sneakers
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Raincoat and warm clothes (depending on the time of the year)
  • Water and snock (optional)


  • 1 Plus Jump (squarely) 25 €/person
  • 1 Classic Jump (backwards): 30 €/person
  • 1 Plus Extreme Jump (squarely from the rail): 35 €/person

* Report: 1 HD video + photos + photo montage: 10 €/person


  • 2 Jumps (plus + plus):  50 euros/person
  • 2 Jumps (plus + extreme):  55 euros / person

* Packages offers cannot be shared.

Aditional information

We are specialized in people like you, from the most adventurous to families who want to enjoy different experiences. Our motivation is your joy, your desire to jump. The best jump is the one you keep in your memory forever. Take heart and you won’t regret it.

The safety of the jump is primary. Our mounting method avoids tugging and triples the safety by using several independent brakes, 3 strings and 3 harnesses.

  • We do not undertake jumps that can influence your safety
  • No weight limits
  • No tugs
  • Security protocol

Information to be considered

  • This activity is suitable for inexperienced people over 16 years old (from 14 years with a tutor).
  • Avoid objects in your pocket before jumping.
  • Not recommended for people with a coronary heart injury or medically contraindicated. Not recommended for people with vertigo or fear of heights.
  • Inform of any kind of illness we should consider
  • We provide support vehicles to take the drivers to the car parking located 10 minutes from the jumping area.
  • The activity can be carried out even if it rains. The company has the last word to consider the suspention of the activity.


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