Alpine skiing equipment rental in Baqueira, Catalan Pyrenees

From: 40,00 

Vaquèira-Beret 25599 Lérida. See map
All day (your can rent the equipment up to 7 days)
From 09:00 h to 18:00 h
Available in: Spanish, English

The best landscapes covered by a soft and white snow layer. Make it real with us by renting the best equipment. Everything is easier because you can rent the equipment so fast just with a few clicks. This rental includes the whole required equipment for carrying out the activity. From the transceiver that will allow local authorities to control your location in case of avalanche until the backpack. It also includes shovels and probes.

To book just one day, in the calendar click twice on the chosen day. If you want several days, click once on the initial day and once on the final day.

Sold By: Free Mountain (Alquiler) - EN

What's included

  • Transceiver
  • Shovel
  • Probes
  • Backpack


  • 40 €/day/person

Aditional information

The Aran Valley is characterized by its alpine landscape and its traditional architecture. Stone and wood houses are typical with its slate roofs even in the new constructions.
There is a Romanesque church in every small village of the Valley. They have a big catering offer and among the après-ski activities offered, you will able to enjoy the thermal baths, the ice palace, museums, cultural visits, cinema, horse riding, visit to the caviar factories of the Valley, bars and discotheques.
Its gastronomic offer is wide and extensive. More than 200 restaurants offer cuisine with French influence (the Valley is bordering with France), but also Basque and Catalan influences. One of its typical and most popular meals is the Aranese pot.


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