Accessible Scuba Diving in El Puertito de Adeje, Tenerife

From: 125,00 

Puerto Colon (Pantalan 4), on the south-west coast of Tenerife. View map
Depending on the needs.
To be confirmed.
Available in: Spanish, English

This inclusive activity will encourage the autonomy of visitors with a boat and total adapted equipment. There, you will discover the great physical and mental therapeutic qualities of diving activities. This experience is perfectly designed so that disabled people can experience the full diving adventure along the south coast of Tenerife.

Accompanying (+75,00 )

Sold By: Atlantic Eco Diving - EN

What's included

  • All necessary material for the activity (masks, wetsuit, buoyancy control jacket…)
  • Activity insurance of disabled divers.
  • Guided experience through the Southwest coast of Tenerife.
  • Boat transport to the dive site.
  • Accessible Diving experience and complete explanation about the wildlife and its conservation.
  • Soft drinks and nuts for recovery after diving.


  • 125 €/each

*Additional 75 €/carer. Optional diving included.

Aditional information

Small groups, personalized service. Exciting first contact with nature, no previous experience required. Go into shallow waters of southern Tenerife. It will be your first dive into the ocean waters.

It will be offered a complete experience in which the issues relevant to the conservation and biodiversity will be explained. It consists of an accessible diving experience for everyone in a boat without barriers and with total commodities under the supervision of a team totally qualified to meet special necessities as well as introducing you into the wonderful underwater life, where at zero gravity, we are all equal.

We have to take into consideration that the person who authorizes disabled people to participate either in a normal diving course, accessible diving course or a Discover Scuba Diving program, will be the doctor. Only he will determine if the degree and type of disability that the person in particular has, will allow him to carry out activities in a hyperbaric environment.


  • Medical certificate to carry out the activity.


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