Enviromental Actions


With every reservation Xmigrations cleans up 1kg of plastic found at beaches or we plant a tree. You choose.


Plastic CleanUp 

Thanks to your reservation we are taking out 150 kg of plastic waste.

We have now 449 of 150 kg of plastics


Thanks to your reservation we are planting 150 trees for reforestation.

We have now 355 of 150 trees


Reforestation in Torrevieja, Alicante

Thanks to your reserves we will reforest 200 junipers and 100 bushes in the dunes of La Mata in Torrevieja

Plastic pick up at Playa de Somo, Cantabria

Help us take care of the cantabrian´s sea and beaches! Nowadays, there is 300 million tons of plastic waste per year, out of which 8 million tons end up on the bottom of the ocean. Join us in this event and meet other people that also care about our environment. We will take care of our planet while having an explendid day.


Reforestation in Cuarte de Huerva, Zaragoza

Reforestation in Zaragoza where we planted 700 vegetable units of the varieties holm oak, sabina albar.

Reforestation in Calblanque (Murcia)

Thanks to your reserves, we carried out a reforestation where we planted 250 trees in Calblanque (Murcia).

Rescue and care of koalas in Australian fires

In view of the climate emergency in Australia, and thanks to donations, we adopted 9 koalas.

Plastic Pick up in Barcelona

We picked up 100 kg of plastic residue throughout Barcelona’s beach, thanks to your contribution.

Plastic Pick up in Murcia

On October 5th we picked up more than 85 kg of plastic waste throughout Mar Menor´s beaches in Santiago de la Ribera (Murcia)

Plastic pick up in Gran Canaria

On April 13 2019, 19 participants picked up more than 20 bags of waste at Palos Beach that came to a total of 100 kg.



The southeast naturalist association, ANSE, it´s an ONG regulated by Ley de Asociaciones. Their objective is the spread, study and defense of nature.

Áreas Verdes

The association Areas Verdes is a non-profit entity created by the organic law 1/200 march 22nd. Their objective is the fight against climate change, dessertation, between others.

Región de Murcia Limpia

Region de Murcia Limpia is a non-profit National Association that works nonstop to wake up environmental awareness that every spaniard has inside. Turning every good practice for the environment into a habit that add up to obtain a sustainable society.

Surf Rider Foudation

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 by the surfist Tom Curren with bases in Donosti and Biarritz (France) 

1 Bolsa Menos

1 Bolsa Menos was born August 2018 in Gran Canaria island. It´s main objective is to wake up awareness about the care on the environment that relies on everyone. 


We compensate CO2 emissions

This economic aportation is dedicated to projects in third world countries that:

  • By planting trees, these absorb the same amount of CO2 that  is emitted into the air. 
  • By making a project substituting non-renovating products with self-renovating ones, diminishing residues, deforestation, or transforming intense farming into a more organic one.